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1: Ecologist
2: Environmentalist
3: Eco-Philosopher
4: Green Conservative
5: Eco-Spiritualist
6: Eco-Anarchist
7: Complex Thinker
8: Eco-Activist
9: Ecologist with a heightened awareness of problems
Methodical explanation
1st Head: Ecologist

Environmentalist 1


Now you are leaving the first head and adopt the viewpoint of an environmentalist of the citizens' initiative. A little while ago you looked somewhat self-satisfied. Now you are in love with nature. Your present position in the coordinate system has changed.

You have moved from the front to the back. Actually I turned your viewpoint by 180 degrees with regard to a certain parameter. It is the axis that shows from the front that is "intellectual" to the back that is "social".

In the previous head you thought our knowledge was insufficient, and we would have to make more of an effort here. Now you doubt that. Do we really know too little? Hasn't the reaction of eco-systems on human intervention been well-known for a long time? Actually the reaction has always been the same: the large number of species are reducing, variability and range of system parameters are increasing and there is a mass development of some species. We know that! We also know that the overdevelopment of our countryside is one of the main causes for the extinction of some species.

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