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1: Ecologist
2: Environmentalist
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4: Green Conservative
5: Eco-Spiritualist
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7: Complex Thinker
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9: Ecologist with a heightened awareness of problems
Methodical explanation
3rd Head: Eco-Philosopher

Green Conservative Politician 1


You keep on sliding and return to the social side. You criticize the restriction of the philosophical utopia to the mental-intellectual area and you think that it might be an illusion to hope for an ethical metamorphosis of man. Is man really so noble, good and wise as Goethe sings of? Problems are pressing and to get anything done at all a radical social utopia is required.

Therefore you demand that radical restructuring in society has to be thought about right now, so that we will not be run down by the events tomorrow. You place your hopes in the state institutions to assert themselves, in a strong green authority, maybe using a green police. You think environmental problems cannot be solved in another way.

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