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1: Ecologist
2: Environmentalist
3: Eco-Philosopher
4: Green Conservative
5: Eco-Spiritualist
6: Eco-Anarchist
7: Complex Thinker
8: Eco-Activist
9: Ecologist with a heightened awareness of problems
Methodical explanation
5th Head: Eco-Spiritualist

Eco-Anarchist 1


You remain on the decentralized and utopian side and will change to the social pole now. You fear that too much spirituality will tempt people to depart from the social reality. In the end the eco-spiritualists are only interested in their own life and soul, and they live under the illusion that all the other things will sort themselves out.

Action will set an example not only to individuals, but also to whole social groups. You are also outraged at things that happen in politics. You think it is important to try and test utopias of possible futures already in the present

We are not condemned to competition!

More than ten billion people will live on our earth in a few centuries. The model of a society with capitalist competition was perhaps of use in the 18th and 19th century and has proved superior in comparison with other models up to now. Competition as a fundamental principle of society is getting more and more doubtful. The ecological and social problems that exist world-wide call for co-operation.

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