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1: Ecologist
2: Environmentalist
3: Eco-Philosopher
4: Green Conservative
5: Eco-Spiritualist
6: Eco-Anarchist
7: Complex Thinker
8: Eco-Activist
9: Ecologist with a heightened awareness of problems
Methodical explanation
6th Head: Eco-Anarchist

Complex Thinker 1


You are jumping back to the intellectual pole and leave the utopian side at the same time. What is the use of the most beautiful utopias if they are only realized by very few people, you think. We should do something to make people internalize the green body of thought, even if it were only a few grains of those visions that have just been developed on the utopian side. Enlightenment about ecological matters alone cannot be sufficient. There is already a lot of information and educational offers as well as good programmes on TV. A lot of people even feel overfed with information and switch their minds off.

You have become a complex thinker but no real scientist or expert. You look thoughtful. You try to avoid thinking in the established structures of:

- science that is splitting up into more and more special disciplines,
- state-bureaucracy that is split up into ministries and departments,
- policy that is split up into parties and interest groups.

You rove around several disciplines which you have only small knowledge of, and you also go into practical politics.

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