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1: Ecologist
2: Environmentalist
3: Eco-Philosopher
4: Green Conservative
5: Eco-Spiritualist
6: Eco-Anarchist
7: Complex Thinker
8: Eco-Activist
9: Ecologist with a heightened awareness of problems
Methodical explanation
7th Head: Complex Thinker

Eco-Activist 1


In head 8 you are moving to the social side again. You are saying to yourself that public interest is important in current policy. Sociological surveys show that citizens' protests play an important role in situations where something decisive for the environment is done.

Even if the understanding, as propagated by thinkers in head 7, are spread among intellectuals, - most people will not be reached. There are too many contrary factors that have an influence on that. Above all heart and mind have to be addressed equally. That's why you are in favour of an action-oriented conservation

The organization "Greenpeace" is an example for that. You look impatient. You see what happens everywhere and how wrong decisions are made by using development schemes and research programmes. Decisions that will last far into the future.

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