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Eco-Philosophy: Methodical explanation

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Dear Íkotext-reader, You are studying environmental science and want to be accepted as an expert in this field in the future. You are being asked for your opinion about such a vast investment plan. What will it bring? What effects on the environment will it have? Should one commit oneself against it?

You, being a "normal" average student, are open to everything, but you are not eco-politically sensitized to an excessive amount. You think one has to approach the matter in a sensible manner. Everything has its pros and cons, and the best method is to consider things rationally. At first I will lead you into the head of an ecologist and then you will jump into other heads with different viewpoints. This jumping will be done according to a certain system: the second head will be the antithesis to the first. So you consider things from the opposite side and return to the starting position. That's often the way knowledge is enlarged: thesis, antithesis, synthesis.
Eco-Philosophy: Methodical explanation